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Raye Edwina

A working medium for 25 years, Raye spends most of her time working for Spirit, proving that life goes through her Mediumship, helping people and  animals with her spiritual gifts.

Raye demonstrates her Spiritual / Psychic Art all over the country at many Churches / centres and special events.
Raye is also renowned for her work with animals in spirit and on the earth plane.

Raye is also a Spiritual / Reiki Healer / Trainer / Counsellor / Animal Healer HPAI,CCHA, EHA registered

THE SPIRIT MESSENGER MAGAZINE (TSM) is circulated all over the country within the spiritual movement and selected spiritual shops, and  was founded by Raye in May 1999.  She is the Editor of this very informative popular magazine

The magazine is aimed at readers who are in need of finding local spiritualist churches / mediums; to help people who are in need of spiritual help / healing; to share the experiences of others and to be uplifted with many varied articles; bringing together like-minded people and  Spiritualist Churches of all denominations - For we all stand united - We all believe in the Spirit World.

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    Raye with her medium friends at Crystal Ball on the 10th Anniversary of the magazine

    Ivan Lee, Derek Robinson, Keith Charles & Raye